Light of Day Philosophy

I believe that we were placed on this earth to share our light with those around us. Unfortunately, many of us hide our light behind relationships that do not encourage us to become our personal best or behind a wall of defense that we have erected. All too often, we take for granted each precious day that we have been given. I believe there is a richer more rewarding way to travel this journey called life. The process is called life coaching.

I consider it a great privilege to facilitate the coaching process. My style of coaching is straightforward. I provide the tools and insight to help you to determine if you are living a life of authenticity or living according to the blueprint that no longer reflects your heart’s desire. After careful and deep listening, I reflect back what I hear and help you get very clear on what you have not been able to see. The coaching process energizes you with the training, focus and accountability to achieve the results you demand. Just as a personal fitness trainer helps you raise the bar for accelerated results in your body, I challenge and support you in attaining the results you desire and deserve in your life.

Spending focused time designing the life you want and charting the course of action to get there, should be the greatest investment you will ever make.

Go ahead—I dare you to take that first step toward illuminating your life!